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ACM Conference on Refugees and Migrants

Of interest

  • Date: 29 September, 2016

ACM will be holding a Conference on Refugees and Migrants next 18 November in Barcelona, at the Sant Ignasi Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management (HTSI) of Ramon Llull University.   The aim is to offer a forum for discussion on migration, focusing on the current situation in Spain.


As guest speaker we will have José Mª Vera, General Director of Oxfam – Intermón Spain, an organisation that has just presented a report on refugee migrants in our country.


This will be followed by a roundtable discussion, featuring the participation of Mamadou Dia, a Senegalese who came to Spain and some time later, disappointed, he returned to Senegal, where he founded an NGO to help his compatriots so that they did not have to emigrate.  Another keynote speaker at the conference will be Maricarmen de la Fuente, Director of Migra Studium, a social centre that works for the dignity and rights of the most vulnerable migrant people and their children. This is done through fostering, training and political advocacy. 



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