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Conference on Education Innovation

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  • Date: 10 June, 2016

The Conference on Education Innovation, organised within the Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) framework, will be held on 29 June. The lecturers that form part of this strategic aggregation have shared the various innovative practices they have been implementing at Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull.

Once again, this conference looks to give visibility and disseminate all education innovation-related experiences while also offering an opportunity for the ACM lecturers to share their thoughts on the different pedagogical-education innovation practices carried out at our universities.

The conference on 29 June will focus on three types of activities: talks/papers, communications given by lecturers, which will lead to discussion and finally, workshops which will be held to enable participants to learn about and share the application and development of specific innovative experiences.

This ACM conference will be held at the Rector’s Office meeting rooms at Ramon Llull University.

See the Programme.

Space is limited and attendance must be confirmed by submitting the following form.

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