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Cátedra Ciencia, Tecnología y Religión

Coordinator/Director: Dra. María del Camino Cañón Loyes
Centre/Institute/Faculty: ICAI
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 1, Social innovation and social change
Main SubFocus Area: Social values and ethics
No. of PhDs: 25
Total members: 34

Brief description
The objectives of this Chair are to:
Foment dialogue on science, technology and religion through classes, presentations, conferences and seminars, directing publications, personal attention, etc.
Foment an in-depth reflection on the world’s image in science and technology, independently of religion but always from an epistemological and philosophical perspective. Foment the social projection of the Chair’s activities.
Foment the Chair’s social function and public service, ensuring it projects university activity in broader areas of social communication and the general public.
Foment integration within our own country and, by extension, Latin America culturally in the current international current of though on science, technology and religion and all the related areas, especially with specialised organisations in the United States.