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This project sets out four main hubs of knowledge, development, innovation and social transfer in the cities and regions where the partner universities (4C) are located, which leaves open the possibility of creating new fields in those cities and regions that are interested in the potential of the aggregation project.

ACM is committed to the environmental, social, economic, political and cultural development of the cities and regions where they are located (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and San Sebastian). In this regard, the Project has consolidated a social transfer and innovation network with companies and institutions through its main areas of knowledge.

The second action establishes the signing of partnership agreements with local and regional entities. Some of the agreements signed during this period include the agreements between ACM and several social and cultural entities such as MACBA in Barcelona (Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art), the Asia House in Madrid and Bilbao Fine Arts Museum.

The third action sets out the need for coordination, sharing and dissemination of the experiences carried out, and special mention should be made along this line of the communication protocol and style manual that have been recently defined by the Aggregation.