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Distributed Research Centres

The Aggregation has successfully promoted its research activity through the establishment of an active policy for promoting Joint Research Teams or Distributed Research Centres (DRCs) for the development of strategically chosen focus areas.

In this regard, Aristos Campus Mundus has developed a two-phased strategy; first, by organising Research Centres and giving priority to Joint Research Teams in Support Calls and second, by regulating, evaluating and officially recognising DRCs, and implementing ACM calls with own funding and maintaining its current policies to hold  research conferences and forums for discussion.

Some of the more than 40 ACM research Conferences held since the start of the project in the last term include:

During this stage, ACM has also drawn up the First and Second ACM Joint Research Call exclusively focused on promoting the research activities carried out by DRCs, and it has also published the following calls for the performance of joint activities.

In addition, the Aggregation has developed several tools focused on sharing resources and information. In this regard, it has the ACM joint catalogue of laboratory teams and a map of research groups for each focus area, which facilitates information and contact between the ACM scientific community, as it includes factfiles about the inter-university groups and projects and the Multiannual Plans defined by them.