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e-Park: ACM Park Network

The Aggregation has created a virtual science, technology, business and innovation park to assist the entire Cluster and all those bodies that wish to participate in the coordination, visualisation and optimisation of the different R&D&I aspects.

By using this platform, the Aggregation shares the experiences of the existing parks and expands the possibilities that the cluster universities had individually, and that are now offered to a wider community. In this way, the ACM 2015 park map and the joint catalogue of ACM 2015 park services is created as well as a single-window service provided by the park network.

The e-Park has become a useful tool for the various groups involved in the activity and has enabled the cluster to enhance entrepreneurship by linking ESADE BAN to the project in 2014; it has facilitated access and holding meetings and conferences by adding a streaming system to the virtual platform that brings much of ACM activity of the scientific community of the Aggregation, and has greatly enhanced contact and generating synergies between researchers through the map of CDIs. Finally, the virtual platform allows Transfer and Research EAs to develop their collaborative technical work in a coordinated way through the e-park intranet.


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