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ACM parks services

University parks offer a wide range of services in areas such as training, counselling, investment and housing of business projects. Similarly, they provide support both to start-ups and companies already established in different fields through a single window of the park network.

The Cluster’s park network offers the following services:

  • Executive Education Programmes, MBAs and university programmes focused on entrepreneurial initiatives, family businesses, growth and internationalisation strategies.
  • Business Angels.
  • Support services to entrepreneurs and start-ups and/or companies already established:
    • Creative industries.
    • Profitable growth (how to manage growth and profitability in parallel).
    • New ways of internationalisation.
    • Opportunities and technological, economic and social trends.
    • STEP Project (Successful Transgenerational Entrepreneurship Process).
    • Foster contacts and collaboration among the entrepreneurial community through a Business Club.
    • Forum of private investors to finance new start-ups: Business Angels network.
  • Hosting and follow-up service for business ideas:
    • Offer space and infrastructures to prompt fresh business projects and spin-offs.
    • Provide services to monitor, support/supervise and advise these new business projects or spin-offs during the pre-incubation and incubation stages.
    • Make it easier to access knowledge generated in the university environment.
    • Highlight the value of the university’s tradition and entrepreneurial culture as well as that of its students and alumni to enrich new business projects or spin-offs.
  • Networking service. It offers a space for encounter, dialogue and co-creation between University-Business-Society:
    • Serve as a meeting point between Society and the University, and innovation and entrepreneurship.
    • Work with applied research and knowledge transfer to society.
    • Develop social transfer events and publications.

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