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The EsadeCreapolis park consists of a business and academic area where ESADE expands its facilities in Barcelona. All this makes up an ecosystem that, linked to the main networks of knowledge, creates the optimal environment to boost innovation and business performance:

  • Business Area: It consists of the Creapolis building and a Club-Residence where international experts in innovation, participants in executive training programmes on Executive Education at ESADE and participants from other fields can stay and take part in the activities and services provided by EsadeCreapolis.
  • Academic Area: ESADE has more than 1,200 participants, teaching staff and all the research centres. The synergies between resident companies and the business school are managed so that any resident company at Creapolis can take advantage of the full potential offered by ESADE.

Special mention should be made of ESADE Entrepreneurship Institute (EEI) as a centre of academic excellence in the field of entrepreneurship, which encompasses a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship. EEI’s philosophy is based on three main pillars:

  • Generating knowledge through rigorous research.
  • Training aimed at identifying new opportunities and developing the skills necessary to create new companies or lines of business in new organisations and family businesses, foster entrepreneurial initiatives, encourage creativity in the company and promote the financing of entrepreneurial projects.
  • Engagement in social debate by organising public events aimed at groups related to the entrepreneurial environment, participation in conferences and the dissemination of knowledge through the media.

La Salle Technova

La Salle TechnovaAt the end of 2001, the La Salle Techological and Business Innovation Park was created. Since then, the Park assumes La Salle’s commitment to society, individuals and organisations through the transfer of knowledge, technology, individuals and companies.

It is an intermediary structure within the innovation system that is equipped with technological, logical and physical platforms that aim to contribute to business competitiveness from the university context.

La Salle Innovation Park is an innovative ecosystem that is comprised of university research groups, innovation departments, start-ups and other entities to maximize synergies between them.

Its structure allows to provide ongoing support throughout the process of birth and growth of the company, and addresses areas such as finance, technological development, physical space, coaching, investment readiness or training.

Since 2004, La Salle Innovation Park has promoted the creation of a private Investor Forum to facilitate the financing of start-ups that are integrated in a global university project called UniBA, the University Business Angels network.

Each year, there is a programme at the School of Business Angels aimed at providing training in private investment practices. Some of the services provided by the Innovation Park include a Technological Alert team, which is responsible for market research, technology and detection of new opportunities.

The physical business incubator located at San Joan de La Salle, 42, offers modules of 22 m2 expandable up to 66 m2.

Deusto Entrepreneurship Centre

Deusto Entrepreneurship CentreEstablished in 2012, DEC is a centre for research, training and promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives. Its mission is to promote entrepreneurship at Deusto and offer the University Community the opportunity to explore ideas and develop its entrepreneurial competences. It provides its services in all the campuses of the University of Deusto.

It develops training/awareness programmes such as EKin-IT or the Own Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship as well as modules in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

It has two nurseries, “DeustoKabi” in Bilbao and San Sebastian, with a total of 1,300 square metres with spaces for pre-incubation, incubation of up to 22 companies, and a set of general services, advice and support to entrepreneurs.
In turn, it fosters interdisciplinary research on entrepreneurship as it coordinates researchers from the Faculties of Economics and Business Administration, Engineering, Education and Social Sciences.

By fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among members of the University of Deusto, DeustoKabi (Bilbao and San Sebastian campuses), has become a key driver in creating and developing spin-offs.

It also has two Business Angels networks, Crecer+ and DeustoBank, and works with local governments in the network of nurseries and venture capital companies to support entrepreneurial initiatives.