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FA. 2 Management and Social Responsibility

1. Business leadership and social responsibility.
2. Business creation and entrepreneurship.
3. New means to innovate and manage knowledge.
4. Business competiveness and economic development.
5. Business and Corporate Law.

The business community has undoubtedly changed significantly over the last few decades. When attempting to define this transformation, the concept generally used is that of business innovation. The latter implies innovating in terms of management, adopting a clear market orientation and improving productive processes, strategic plans and the situation of those working for the organisation.

In our country and in Europe, in general, the focus is on innovating and developing new business models which contribute to improve the organisations and their relationship with the societies in which they operate. This implies educating leaders who transform organisations into true motors for economic and social development, with a clear commitment to sustainability and establishing management models which encourage transparency and good governance.

Our task in this context, as executive education centres, is to offer knowledge about the most advanced management and administration theories and practices and instil a clear vocation to innovation, social commitment and sustainability.

The new business model bases its growth on innovation and research. We have to provide new ideas to strengthen our position in the international context. For this we need to wager on, provide incentives to and motivate entrepreneurs, promote the transformation of more classic models, integrate international collaboration as one more pillar in the system and improve governance, socio-economic and political mechanisms.

In this second focus area (FA.2) we are committed to working in areas such as promoting and strengthening an international business network (regulating the legal norms for collaboration between companies and their internationalisation), establishing ethical standards for this new business model, providing resources to launch new firms and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, and promoting policies to ensure the full integration of minorities.