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Derecho y Lenguaje

Coordinator/Director: Dra. Cristina Carretero González
Centre/Institute/Faculty: Facultad CHS/ Facultad Derecho
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area:
Main SubFocus Area:
No. of PhDs: 7
Total members: 7

Brief description
This group was created due to the joint interest by a series of professors in different areas of knowledge and Schools in the language used in Law. This guarantees a multidisciplinary focus. The group’s primary objective is to analyse language in both national and international Law.
The group consists of 2 professors form the School of Human and Social Sciences and 4 professors from the Law School. This guarantees a multidisciplinary approach to this area of great interest.
The group faces a wide area of research: some issues already addressed in previous studies and which we aim to further, and many other areas which are yet to be defined, such as those related to legal language accessibility for and by citizens. We thus propose analysing this new topic from the perspective of language in national and international Law.
The members of this group have, to greater or lesser extent, already addressed the issue in question, not only in terms of publications but also addressing the questions in this area which we have considered and formulated in terms of understanding Law through its linguistic expression.