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Grupo de Electrónica y Automática (GEA)

Coordinator/Director: Dr. Sadot Alexandres Fernández
Centre/Institute/Faculty: ICAI-IIT
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 4, Health and biosciences
Main SubFocus Area: ITs and health sciences
No. of PhDs: 14
Total members: 20

Brief description
The Electronics and Automation Group (GEA) is a multidisciplinary research group within IIT focused on the study and application in the electronics and automation fields.
Its areas of work include control, power, electronic instrumentation, micro-electronics and communications in systems applications and industrial processes. These fields evolve in line with changes in technology and industry interests.
The GEA designs and develops the most advanced technology in the instrumentation, electronics and process automation fields, for example, railway companies (CCMVB-SEPSA and ADIF projects), the energy industry (DENISE-61850, DENISE-EVERIS and ADDRESS), control systems (CRISA-MOET and CRISA-VIBRACIONES projects) and industrial communications (PRO-TVD and OPERA).