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4th ACM Experiences: in-situ seminars in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid

10 October, 2016

In view of the success of the first event of this type, Aristos Campus Mundus (ACM) will be holding another edition of ACM Experiences: in situ seminars, focused on cooperation and social responsibility.  The sessions consist of practical, out of class activities, for students from the three universities. The purpose is to provide students with a new life experience.  This fourth edition will be held in November 2016 and July 2017 in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid, respectively”.


Barcelona: “Learning Communities: Schools where people dare to dream”

The first activity was held in November, coinciding with the festivities of the district of La Verneda – Sant Martí in Barcelona. “Learning communities” is one of the educational projects that started in Spain and is having a high international impact through its successful educational actions. With more than 200 schools in Spain and 400 in Latin America, it has two of its greatest examples in Catalonia:  The School for Adults in the district of La Verneda – Sant Martí in Barcelona and the ‘Verge de Monserrat’ School in Terrassa.

The students who took part in this initiative attended an intensive seminar which combined theoretical sessions and participation in successful educational activities.

ACM Experiences in Barcelona: 9-12 November.


Bilbao: “Intervention for the social insertion of people at risk of social exclusion, Invisible borders.”

In the second activity, which will also be held in November, the students from the partner universities will have the opportunity to live an experience of self-knowledge and awareness, discussion and positioning with regard to the borders related to migrations, citizenship and diversity.  During this three-day seminar, students will live together and share diversity for a few days. Young people of different religious traditions in search of a common denominator and commitment:  An inclusive rather than excluding citizenship.

ACM Experiences en Bilbao: 25-27 November.


Madrid: La Ventilla: A district for integration” 

The third activity will be held in July in La Ventanilla district in Madrid. The characteristics of this district underwent deep urban intervention by Madrid Town Council a few years ago, but not its social reality.  In addition to being a popular neighbourhood, La Ventilla has long been a place of settlement for a large number of migrant population of diverse origin. Since the 1920s, when Jesuit Holy Father Rubio started his work with the needy population of La Ventilla, the presence of the Society of Jesus in this neighbourhood has been constant and grown steadily and a large number of projects have been created over time.

This third seminar allowed students to better understand this transversal work, which is deeply embedded in the social reality of the neighbourhood, to be a monitor for one day in the urban summer camp, and to share a few days with students from other universities and sub-Saharan Africans living in flats linked to the Pueblos Unidos NGO.

ACM Experiences in Madrid: 16-17 July



You can send your personal details (name, course, year  and telephone number) and a motivation letter by 21 October to:

  • Deusto Bilbao: Deusto Campus Solidaridad, 944139000,
  • Deusto San Sebastian: Deusto Campus Solidaridad,
  • Comillas: Comillas Solidaria, 915422800,
  • Ramon Llull: Vice-Rector’s Office for International Relations and Student Affairs, 936022227,

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