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Problemas Sociales, intervención y política social

Coordinator/Director: Dr. Pedro Cabrera Cabrera
Centre/Institute/Faculty: Facultad de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 1, Social innovation and social change
Main SubFocus Area: Social values and ethics
No. of PhDs: 7
Total members: 10

Brief description
Contemporary society today faces challenges which require the concerted action of multiple players and social agents. The old problems which millions of people have to overcome linked to inequality, poverty and the lack of freedom have not disappeared; contrarily, they constantly transform and mutate. The apparition of Social Sciences as disciplines oriented towards developing a rigorous knowledge about the keys on which social reality is based has led to the multiplication of reform projects launched and considerable advances in the collective project of building a good society for all due to social action aimed specifically at transforming, reducing and eradicating misery and unhappiness. However, these last goals are still far from being achieved, and, in any case, whether possible or utopian, each generation must carry on with the journey begun long ago to reach port while enjoying humanity’s journey towards Ithaca.
This focus on resolving social problems has governed the research agenda of the members of this group, adopting a multidisciplinary approach which includes Social Work, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science and Law. Its aim is to continue exploring those questions which concern our society to thus be able to collaborate as scholars, assuming a theoretically informed and pragmatically oriented approach with Social Services, third-sector organisations, NGOs, public institutions and administrations and social agents in general. The aim is to achieve wellbeing not only in our country but also globally across our planet.