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Full internationalisation is an essential aspect of the university cluster project, Aristos Campus Mundus 2015. As explained in Area A, the international cluster with Georgetown University, Boston College and Fordham University is a definite boost to global outreach in the pursuit of excellence and international recognition.

Apart from the actions contained in the above fields (international joint degrees, international Doctoral School, participation of international teams in focus areas on R&D&I and transfer, equipment connectivity through e-Parks, international outreach of social and professional networks, etc.), further progress is planned to attract and recruit talent and facilitate the progressive incorporation of universities worldwide into the project. Therefore, the members of the cluster Project commit themselves to:

  • Developing measures to promote the attraction and recruitment of internationally-renowned academic staff and non-academic staff with global experience.
  • Facilitating international promotion to attract students.
  • Promoting the use of international networks for teaching and research collaboration.
  • Extending the advanced cluster project to a limited and progressive number of world-renowned universities.

The project mainly seeks to enhance the international outreach of its research teams, academic and non-academic staff, and the wide range of international students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate courses in their classrooms. It also seeks to broaden the concept of comprehensive cluster to universities that, due to their identity, related projects and prestige, wish to join this project.


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