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Campus and sustainability

Aristos Campus Mundus 2015, as a university cluster project, addresses the relationship with its environments as the development of a socially and environmentally responsible project, which promotes the social transfer of knowledge and social innovation projects.

Therefore, cluster members commit themselves to:

  • Providing a comprehensive view of infrastructures, facilities and spaces at the campuses of the cluster universities.
  • Developing projects that reinforce values such as sustainability, citizen participation, universal access, inclusion, health, equality, employment, interculturality, solidarity and cooperation.
  • Establishing a network of quality, adequate and sufficient university campuses, from a comprehensive view of infrastructures, facilities, spaces and university community.
  • Interacting with the cities and regions where they are located.
  • Becoming involved with professional graduates from our university centres.
  • Cooperating with institutions, companies, social entities and the media.

Therefore, ACM seeks to enhance a range of campuses available to the entire university community (students, teaching and research staff, non-academic staff) that forms them; these campuses are intertwined with the cities and regions where they carry out their activities; they have a cooperative complicity with organisations and entities, in a permanent effort for social transfer and innovation.


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