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The Area C of the Joint Collaboration Projects addresses the teaching dimension of the Cluster and, in particular, the joint progress plan in the process of adaptation to the EHEA of the degrees offered. The three universities that make up the Cluster have shown throughout their history a major concern for implementing the most effective ways to achieve the comprehensive training of students, and to constantly reflect on the ongoing quality and improvement of existing methods. Their success in the teaching field has been widely recognised. The academic rigour in education, the high level of intellectual demand, their pioneering practical nature of their degrees, the special attention to the internationalisation of their degrees, the early implementation of a teaching model based on competences and values and hence, their leading role in the adaptation to the EHEA have led Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull to be supported by an exceptionally large number of new students enrolled and graduating, with very high rates of performance, efficiency, graduates and employment.

The aim of the project in this Area is to integrate the competitive advantages of the three universities into a joint plan that ensures their position at the international forefront of excellence in the teaching and training of their graduates to face the new great challenges posed by 21st century society, at the highest academic and professional level.[:]