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What is ACM?


Commitment to responsible and sustainable social innovation

The 2015 Aristos Campus Mundus project, promoted by the Universities of Ramon Llull, Deusto and Comillas, has been awarded the qualification of Campus of International Excellence in the European regional category in the Ministry of Education’s 2011 call for applications.

In May of 2010, these universities formed a strategic aggregation to present the 2015 Aristos Campus Mundus project through an advanced strategic cooperation agreement with Georgetown University, Boston College and Fordham University.

The aim of 2015 ACM is to foster excellence in academics and research while achieving full glocalisation of their university projects which call for a joint commitment to responsible and sustainable social innovation.


Project route

In the 2009 call for Campus of International Excellence, the Project ‘Aristos, passion for excellence‘, presented by Ramon Llull University and the University of Deusto’s project ‘Deusto Campus Mundus 2015‘ were awarded the title of Promising CEI Project.
The project ‘Comillas 2015  Campus Mundus‘ was presented in the 2010 CIE call, where it received a favourable resolution in the first phase.

The 2015 Aristos Campus Mundus- the result of the universities’ strategic aggregation- has two parts: 1) the Joint Collaboration Plan between the three universities and 2) the Individual Strategic Plans which are bound to the Joint Plan. These Individual Strategic Plans have been improved following  judgements from the Evaluation Commissions  after having been in effect for the first months.

The 2015 Aristos Campus Mundus project is being presented to the International Commission in the 2011 CEI call with the dual objective of obtaining the distinction of International Campus of Excellence and placing the aggregation formed by the three universities in a pole position as an international reference for socially responsible sustainable innovation.