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Barcelona roundtable. Diet and Supplementation in Sport

Of interest

  • Date: 31 October, 2016

ACM, committed to implementing and developing several programmes to promote healthy eating and life style, has organised the 1st ACM Healthy Conference, which will be held every year with a different focus for each.

The conference entitled “Sports Supplementation” will be held this year for the first time on the week starting 14 November, with parallel activities at the three universities. 

On Wednesday, 16 November, at 16:00, a roundtable discussion on “Diet and Supplementation in Sport” will be held at the Universitat Ramon Llull (URL). There is growing scientific evidence of the importance of an optimal diet to ensure the adequate nutritional status in athletes, improved athletic performance and decreased risk of injury. Athletes often also resort to nutritional supplements in an attempt to improve their diet.

Those attending the roundtable will know first-hand the current trends and recommendations, both relating to diet ant the potential role of dietary supplements to reduce fatigue, facilitate physical recovery or enhance sports performance.



Welcome by Dr. Carlo Galluci, Vice-Rector of International Relations and Students at URL.

Mireia Porta: La importancia de la dieta en el rendimiento deportivo

Jaume Giménez: El asesoramiento nutricional personalizado (nutritional coaching)

M. Antonia Lizarraga: La suplementación en el deporte

Dr. Blanca Román: La adulteración en las ayudas ergogénicas y posibles riesgos para la salud.

Dr. Imma Palma will chair the roundtable.



Rector’s office, Ramon Llull University (C/ Claravall, 1-3. Barcelona)



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