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Healthy ACM Week

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  • Date: 22 September, 2016

In recent years there have been many studies that conclude that the university population shows a higher prevalence of unhealthy habits. Aware of the potential universities have to have a positive impact on people’s life styles and health, by promoting their wellbeing, one of ACM’s main objectives is to consolidate a global strategy for health prevention and care through a number of programmes.  These programmes seek to raise awareness among the University Community and society at large of three main areas of action: nutrition, physical exercise and social welfare.  

Therefore, ACM is committed to implementing and developing several programmes to promote healthy eating and life style. One of the first strategies to be carried out includes the organisation of the Healthy ACM Meeting, which will be held every year with a different focus for each.

The first edition entitled “Diet & Sports Supplementation” will be held this year on the week starting 14th November with parallel activities at the three universities.  

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