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III Francesc Abel Memorial

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  • Date: 30 May, 2016

The third Francesc  Abel  Memorial event will be held on Thursday, June 2. It is organised within the Aristos Campus Mundus framework with the participation of Comillas Pontifical University and Ramon Llull University.

The opening address will be delivered by Josep M Garrell , Rector of Ramon Llull University, and the presentation  will be given by Sister  Margarita Bofarull, President of the Board of Trustees of the Borja Bioethics Institute (IBB, Ramon Llull University).

The film “40 years creating Bioethics alongside people” will be shown. It has been specially prepared to mark the Institute’s 40th anniversary.

After viewing the film, a round table discussion entitled “The past, present and future of Bioethics” will be held. Participants include Dr. M Pilar Núñez (Deputy Director of the Institute –1990-99–), Dr. Francesc Torralba (Director, Chair in Applied Ethics ETHOS-URL), and Dr. F. Javier de la Torre (Director, Chair in Bioethics, Comillas Pontifical University). Dr. Ester Busquets, Director of the journal Bioética & debat, will act as moderator.

The event, during which the diploma giving ceremony for graduates of the tenth Master’s degree programme in Bioethics (official Spanish diploma) will be held, will close with a speech by Josep M Garrell, Rector of Ramon Llull University.

This ACM event will be held in the Sant Joan de Déu Education Auditorium in Barcelona from 6 to 8 p.m.

See the programme and download the invitation.

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