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Second Inter-University Meetings on Teaching Innovation

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  • Date: 14 May, 2013


In line with the joint initiatives held by the three universities taking part in the Aristos Mundus Campus of International Excellence during the two years of cooperation on this project, we are pleased to announce the Second Inter-University Meetings on Teaching Innovation. This event will be held on 4 and 5 July and this year’s venue will be the University of Deusto’s Bilbao campus. The title of the meetings is: THE CHALLENGE OF ALL ROUND EDUCATION IN TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY UNIVERSITIES:  VALUES-BASED GROWTH.

The first meetings prompted us to share innovative and good teaching practices at Ramon Llull University two years ago. At the time we were able to confirm that our academic staff need opportunities for reflection and debate where they can share their concerns, experiences and good practices in the light of developing teaching innovation processes. And we continue to believe that this is important.  The main purpose of these meetings is to offer an opportunity for work and shared knowledge to academic staff from the three organising universities.  The event will give us the chance to take part in different activities, such as lectures, a work café and round table discussions on three broad thematic blocks, to share ideas and good innovation practices. Our students will also be participating in some of these discussions.

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