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UNIJES Conference 2013

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  • Date: 29 May, 2013

 Congreso UNIJES 2013The aim of the International Conference on “Preventive measures of legal disputes in unstable economic contexts”, organised by the Law Faculties of the Universities of Deusto, Pontificia Comillas in Madrid and ESADE-URL, was to provide a legal insight into the ways of preventing and anticipating legal disputes, thus avoiding prosecution.
The main aim of the faculties organising the Unijes Conference, now in its 9th year, has always been to open an academically rigorous forum on current issues. In this way, it seeks to contribute to scientific reflection from a university perspective and try to provide solutions to specific issues, and thus respond to one of its main purposes, which is knowledge transfer to society.
There is no doubt that in the contexts of EU societies, severely shaken by an economic crisis, the number of disputes has seen a considerable increase, and thus the increase in Court claims, whose workload has increased exponentially with the various claims that are made before their bodies. This is why, given the unpredictable nature of the economic crisis, the organising universities have agreed to discuss about non-judicial ways to settle disputes between individuals and between individuals and the government.

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