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Área de Diseño en Ingeniería (ADI)

Coordinator/Director: Dr. Francisco Nieto Fuentes
Centre/Institute/Faculty: ICAI-IIT
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 5, Energy and sustainability
Main SubFocus Area: Energy and sustainability
No. of PhDs: 11
Total members: 16

Brief description
The Engineering Analysis and Design Area (ADI) is a multidisciplinary research group belonging to IIT and oriented towards mechanical, thermal and hydraulic system design. It has ample experience in the use of numerical techniques to resolve engineering problems.
The group develops mathematical models which enable simulating a large number of problems in almost every engineering field. The group consequently addresses problems with structural mechanics, heat transmission and fluid mechanics. It also models electromagnetic behaviour in electrical machines, the electro-static behaviour of electrical components, etc. In all these it uses linear or non-linear models for both static and dynamic calculations.
The group has commercial simulation tools, but also its own implementation codes to develop specific models as well as experimental equipment: thermography, data acquisition systems, etc. If necessary, the group also turns to support from industrial testing, fluid and heat, dimensional measurement and flexible manufacturing labs as well as ETSI-ICAI, allowing it to develop prototypes and test these.
The group also provides consulting and technical assistance services in the above areas.