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Área de Regulación y Economía de la Energía (RYE)

Coordinator/Director: Dr. Michel Rivier Abbad
Centre/Institute/Faculty: ICAI-IIT
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 5, Energy and sustainability
Main SubFocus Area: Efficient energy markets, regulation and operation.
No. of PhDs: 10
Total members: 27

Brief description
The research carried out by the Energy Regulation and Economics (RYE) group focuses on designing and analysing regulatory measures which incorporate strategic, economic and environmental concerns in energy industry management, serving to orient technical decisions as well as economic decisions by purchasers and sellers in energy markets with the ultimate aim of maximising net social benefits. Worth noting in particular is intense activity related to the energy industry.
The group carries out a wide variety of activities in this field and has a notable presence both nationally and internationally:
– This research activity and development consists of externally financed projects, as accredited by our participation in 6 European projects, 3 national CENIT projects and various others requested by various institutions and private companies.
– Our scientific output includes PhD theses, publications in international journals with the most impact in this field and participation in international conferences.
– Our teaching activity encompasses the postgraduate and PhD programmes in Electrical Engineering and the School of Engineering (ICAI), including the Official Master’s in the Electrical Industry which is supported by the European Commission’s Erasmus Mundus programme and close collaboration with training programmes for European regulators organised by the Florence School of Regulation, an initiative led by the European Union. Amongst others, the group also participates in technological training in the European electric industry through the Association University/Company for Training in Electric Energy System Training (AUEF-SEE) which has already offered numerous international programmes.
– Consulting work as requested by regulatory institutions, operators and private companies in a wide variety of companies (Spain, Holland, Italy, France, Russia, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Panama, etc.).