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Grup de Recerca en Filosofia i cultura

Coordinator/Director: Carles Llinàs
Centre/Institute/Faculty: FACULTAT DE FILOSOFIA
University: Universitat Ramon Llul
Main Focus Area: 1, Social innovation and social change
Main SubFocus Area: Social values and ethics
No. of PhDs: 8
Total members: 8

Brief description
The aims of this group are to: Study the leading authors and currents of philosophical thought which represent capital moments in Western culture over the centuries and have defined the Post-modern situation. Research contributions from European literature (cultural movements) to the history of ideas. Carry out transversal research to interrelate philosophy, literature, art, theology and politics in the history of Western culture. Search for interpretative models for Post-modern culture and proposed models for contemporary culture. Specifically study Catalan philosophy based on three areas of work: a) research on Catalan philosophy and its impact on Catalan-speaking territories; b) inform about Catalan philosophers’ work; and c) inform about the relation between Catalan philosophers and the political, cultural and social context.