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Innovació, Avaluació i Qualitat en l’Acció Social

Coordinator/Director: Anna Berga
Centre/Institute/Faculty: PERE TARRÉS
University: Universitat Ramon Llul
Main Focus Area: 3, Education: innovation, competencies and values
Main SubFocus Area: New educational models
No. of PhDs: 11
Total members: 18

Brief description
• Community Social Action (ASOC). Dr. Txus Morata García
This line of research specialises in community social action, applying its research to disadvantaged population groups and those at risk of social exclusion, as well as other educational and cultural areas which are key to community promotion and development (community development plans, local networks, programmes for children and teens at school, minors under legal tutelage in open and residential environments, etc.).
• Health and prevention education for social and drug dependencies (EDUC-SALUD). Dr. Pilar Muro Sans
The primary objectives of this line of research are to evaluate health and food habits, social addictions and the consumption of drugs amongst children and adolescents in different social contexts (school, entertainment centres and open centres) based on different informants (parents, children, teachers and educators).
• Adolescence, gender and social risk. Dr. Anna Berga and Timoneda.
This line of research is framed within Social Sciences and focuses on adolescence (though it also encompasses infancy and childhood). It centres specifically on the issue of social risk, transversally incorporating the gender perspective into its analysis. Some of the completed studies in this area have addressed issues such as migration amongst minors, teen pregnancy and maternity, and violence (within or outside school), amongst others.
• Research in Active Ageing and Longevity (REL). Professor Xavier Lorente Guerrero
This line of research focuses on ageing within the population. It is multidisciplinary in structure and clearly oriented towards social action in terms of quality of life, social actions, life-long health, education and learning.