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FA. 4 Health and Biosciences

1. ITs and health sciences.
2. Pharmacology.
3. Clinical psychology and health.

One of the greatest concerns found in governments today is being able to ensure maximum well-being for their citizens. Of all the factors which help achieve this wellbeing, without doubt, health and the healthcare system are the most important. Citizens demand a system which provides top-level service in which both healthcare professionals and organisations stand out for their excellence.

Science and medicine have evolved exponentially in the last few decades, discovering new drugs and treatments for ailments which had previously been considered untreatable. Genetics and the study of the human genome have allowed for data to be gathered to help us to understand and diagnose complex and, potentially, even fatal diseases. In addition to this dizzying advance and success, we need professionals with different profiles and multidisciplinary teams. This need has been understood by our universities. Proof of this is the priority we have given to R&D+I in this field, our fourth focus area (FA.4).

Research in the health field has primarily focused on developing solutions to be able to prevent and better cure more diseases. This has been based on advances in medicine but also in biology, biochemistry, engineering and psychology.

Our research groups explore these fields, and the diversity of the actions carried out makes manifest the fact that we are faced by one of the most heterogeneous and multidisciplinary fields. In effect, the wealth of applications is broad, and we are working towards the early detection of ailments, the use of new technologies as support for health professionals’ decision-making processes and clinical data management, telemedicine, and customised assistance for patients with reduced mobility, the development of drugs to improve the treatment of illnesses, psychological treatment for behavioural problems, and providing support to individuals suffering from problems of social integration.


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