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Derecho, Mercado y Sociedad Global Sostenible

Coordinator/Director: Dr. Javier Ibáñez Jiménez
Centre/Institute/Faculty: Facultad de Derecho
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 2, Management and social responsability
Main SubFocus Area: Derecho, Mercado y Sociedad Global Sostenible
No. of PhDs: 4
Total members: 4

Brief description
This group was created to research the legal, socio-political and economic applications of new market and Corporate Law paradigms. It advocates a respect for Law as a priority value for market agents. Introducing certain civil society and non-capital stakeholder demands to regulate the market and companies is a controversial matter, especially due to questions regarding efficiency. That notwithstanding, Law which is increasing open to the demands of a globalised society is making rapid progress amongst corporations in the OECD countries thanks to the opening of markets and financial agents (especially, intermediaries and securities issuers) to the ne universal demands of social guardianship especially as regards the management of corporate resources. This research group’s general objective is a multidisciplinary reconstruction approach to Law bearing in mind the demands of a global market. Its syncretic methodology will promote growing scientific and social understanding between legislators, parliamentary groups, judges, public administrations, international organisations, associations and companies towards global sustainable development. All the while it shall attempt to especially create and extend new social financial innovation and market communication techniques, giving priority attention to least favoured nations and social groups (financial inclusion).