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Propiedad Intelectual

Coordinator/Director: Dra. Rosa Mª. de Couto Gálvez
Centre/Institute/Faculty: Facultad de Derecho
University: Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Main Focus Area: 2, Management and social responsability
Main SubFocus Area: Business and Corporate Law
No. of PhDs: 6
Total members: 6

Brief description
Over the last two decades, technological development has diversified the number of factors which lead to the creation, production and use of work protected by Intellectual Property, creating even greater complexity in the systems designed to protect these very rights. In this respect, the different industries on the frontlines of this revolution (music, audiovisual, computers, multimedia, internet, publishing, biotechnology, etc.), increasingly demand and need studies and rigorous research on Intellectual Property.
All these factors have had a significant social, economic and legal impact, evidencing the growing demand for research, studies, publications and academic events for their diffusion. This research group has been carrying out activities in this area since 2000 with the aim of analysing, studying, learning about and providing legal solutions to this complex reality where different, conflicting interests coincide and always with the focus on protecting copyrights and related rights.