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Scientific evaluation

The Aggregation has developed a set of actions aimed at designing a system of evaluation of activities carried out (in relation to the creation and consolidation of Distributed Research Centres and international partnerships).

In this regard, the mechanism for evaluating scientific and measuring the strength of research groups and the regulations for the recognition of DRCs have been defined and implemented on the basis of which ACM Scientific Committee distinguishes between Emerging or Consolidated Distributed Research Centres. Overcoming the formal recognition process gives greater rigour to the consideration of recognised DRCs, which can apply for ACM calls for research support with better guarantees and on a regular basis.

At the same time, the best practices among research management groups at the three universities have been identified, and the newly created Ethics Research EA is working on the definition of an Ethical Code for ACM research which has been developed as a continuation of the work carried out during the ACM Research Ethics Conference.