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ACM PhD programme coordinators share their experiences

5 July, 2016

Aristos Campus Mundus held a meeting with PhD programme coordinators and academic committee members from the universities taking part in the project:  Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull. The meeting, held at Comillas Pontifical University, focused on promoting exchange of good practices and reflection on key aspects of the organisation of PhD studies.

Pedro Linares, Vice Rector of Research and Internationalisation at Comillas, delivered the opening address at the event. During the plenary session, Diego Pablo Ruiz Padillo, ANECA Secretary for Verification of PhD programmes, explained the verification and accreditation system.  Lluís Comellas Riera, Vice Rector of Research and Innovation at  Ramon Llull University, then explained how PhD students are monitored.  Eva Fernandez de Labastida, Head of Evaluation at Unibasq, gave a talk on accreditation of RD99/2011 PhD programmes.  

The last session consisted of talks by Javier Alonso Madrigal, Comillas, and Iñaki Peña, Deusto, who shared their experiences managing joint ACM PhD programmes. Cristina Iturrioz, Vice Rector of Research and Transfer at the University of Deusto, gave the closing address.  

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