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Results of the first ACM Research Grants Call.

9 March, 2015

Josep Maria Garrell, Rector of RLU, and President of the 2015 Aristos Campus Mundus Association, signed the results of the first ACM Research Grants Call. The call opened last December and the deadline for applications was 15 January 2015. This initiative aims to finance the best joint projects conducted by research groups from the three universities that form the ACM Campus of International Excellence: Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull.

Funding was granted to 8 projects that cover very diverse specialist areas: from sustainability and corporate social responsibility to health, sport and technology. The total budget for this call is 82,000 € with a maximum of 15.000€ per project.

The following projects were awarded funding:

An extension of the Optimization Water – Energy Model by means of a Qualitative Multi-Criteria Decision-Making tool.

Transformation and renewal processes on the urban riverbanks of Bilbao, Barcelona and New York: an analysis based on citizens’ cultural and sports practices.

The process of adapting to stroke: moderating variables in patients and their carers.

Religious Communities Online. How Online Community is built.

Current challenges of adopting in Spain.

Nutriclick: a virtual reality programme to assess children’s favourite foods and physical activity.

Democratising business:  Analysis of business’s new political role in the transformation of the welfare state, human rights, executive education and dialogue with stakeholders.

Lego Robot-based technology solution combined with a sensor system and multi touch slides for the physical and cognitive rehabilitation of the elderly and special needs children.

Two special interest mentions were also awarded to two projects for their participation with ACM’s American partner universities. These are shown in Appendix II. The first special mention went to a project on gender competences in communication studies and the second one addresses innovation in the European Union’s university system by implemation of role play and simulation.


ACM’s excellence in research and knowledge transfer

ACM funds the best ACM projects, recognising and promoting quality research, knowledge transfer and internationalisation of ACM’s scientific endeavours. ACM is firmly committed to fostering research networking and ensuring a level of excellence that boosts the spread of knowledge, training capacity and internationalisation to address today’s social and economic challenges.


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